Alienation – Wholeness

Disease is disorder. Every individual experiences different forms of disorder in life. It is unavoidable. Most people, including myself, either subconsciously or consciously distract themselves from the disorders that exist in their life. One of my methods of distraction for many years was anti-depressants. They numbed me out so the disorder in my life didn’t seem that significant. My sojourn with anti-depressants ended about a year ago. Since then, disease confronted me and man has it been difficult.

I have often felt alienated, an island unto myself. Alienation is a disease since we are not made to be in isolation. To live disconnected is to live in disorder. As each person bears the image of a Trinitarian God, we are made to live a life of integration and community.

Most of modern life, as I have experienced it, is abstracted, not particularized, and therefore alienated. By this I mean that modern life is dominated by those things that are suited for everyone and anywhere, the “unreal” or “unauthentic,” the abstract. Think t.v., facebook, some cookie cutter suburbs, etc.

This is in contrast to experiencing the particular, the distinct, the peculiar things and varied experiences that God has given to an individual life, such as family, neighbors, conversation, place, sacraments, etc. The dirt (or snow) under one’s feet in a specific place, the thoughts and experiences of an individual and the people surrounding one’s life are all blessed, broken, and given to be woven into a fabric of an integrated life. This is the (super)natural way to live. This is wholeness, not disease.


About Mr. Ross

I am Christian. I must remain anonymous because I have a job that requires me to remain politically neutral. My thoughts may have political implications so I cannot tie my name to them. I understand that it may be a little pretentious of me to assume that (1) someone may actually read my thoughts; or (2) connect my thoughts to my professional life. But, I need to be safe about maintaining my employment. I am primarily interested in thinking about my Christian faith and how it interacts with what's happening around me.
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