Crucify Him!

At Good Friday services last week, during the readings, when the congregation said, “Crucify Him,” for the first time in my life I accepted the fact that I too would have been in the crowd shouting those very same words.  For the previous Good Fridays that I was paying attention, I was under the impression that I was just filling in the role as a member of the crowd, but I was not really one of the crowd. I am a heck of a lot better than that.

Well, I finally realized that it is not me and Jesus and other cool people that I like on one side v. everyone else that I don’t really like or find annoying, i.e. the crowd, on the other side.


About Mr. Ross

I am Christian. I must remain anonymous because I have a job that requires me to remain politically neutral. My thoughts may have political implications so I cannot tie my name to them. I understand that it may be a little pretentious of me to assume that (1) someone may actually read my thoughts; or (2) connect my thoughts to my professional life. But, I need to be safe about maintaining my employment. I am primarily interested in thinking about my Christian faith and how it interacts with what's happening around me.
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