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I am Christian. I must remain anonymous because I have a job that requires me to remain politically neutral. My thoughts may have political implications so I cannot tie my name to them. I understand that it may be a little pretentious of me to assume that (1) someone may actually read my thoughts; or (2) connect my thoughts to my professional life. But, I need to be safe about maintaining my employment. I am primarily interested in thinking about my Christian faith and how it interacts with what's happening around me.

Crucify Him!

At Good Friday services last week, during the readings, when the congregation said, “Crucify Him,” for the first time in my life I accepted the fact that I too would have been in the crowd shouting those very same words.  … Continue reading

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Sigh No More – Mumford and Sons

Serve God love me and men This is not the end Live unbruised we are friends And I’m sorry I’m sorry Sigh no more, no more One foot in sea, one on shore My heart was never pure you know … Continue reading

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What Good is God? Philip Yancey

“I decided only three things matter ultimately: Whom do I love? How have I lived my life? Am I ready for whatever is next? Like others, I have found meaningful answers to those questions in my Christian faith.” here.

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Where should the focus be?

I am conservative. To me this primarily means that decision making should be made at the most local level. When an individual has a need or issue, one’s first line of help should be the family. If the family cannot … Continue reading

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New Birth Portraits: Redeemer NYC

I’ve watched two of these portrait videos and find them to be very moving and encouraging. I would highly recommend them. New birth portraits.

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Archbishop John Nienstedt and the Marriage Amendment DVD

ABC News Story. Gay activists denied communion. Archbishop Nienstedt Interview with Minnesota Public Radio. Pro gay marriage Catholic Artist response.

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“Not so much reformation in Washington as renewal in the church”

James Hunter argues in his book that the Christian left and the Christian right are different sides of the same coin. On Mr. Allan R. Bevere’s blog, he states in his understanding of this book that “both the religious right and the left … Continue reading

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